Any natural or legal person, whether a travel intermediary (agency or other) or a private individual, wishing to benefit from Private Jets and Partners’ Services on his or her own behalf, if the person is a private individual, or on behalf of a third party, if the person is a travel intermediary, (hereinafter referred to as “the Client”) must make a request for a quotation (hereinafter referred to as “Request for Quotation”) to the Private Jets and Partners Sales Department.

This Request for Quotation may be made by one of the following means

– On our website:

– By phone : +33 6 78 66 68 54

– By e-mail : [email protected]

This Request for Quotation must indicate as much information as possible about the flight and in particular, without this list being restrictive: name and contact details of the Client and of each of the Passengers, desired date and time of departure, departure and arrival airports, number of passengers envisaged, range of aircraft desired, requests for specific services (e.g. cab, hotel, special catering, press, etc.)

On receipt of the Request for Quotation, Private Jets and Partner will send the Client as soon as possible and in writing a charter quotation to carry out the Service as closely as possible to the Client’s request. This charter quote will recall the elements included in the Request for Quotation and will indicate the price of the Service, the applicable VAT and the terms of payment (hereafter “charter quote”).

In the event of the Client’s agreement to the charter quote, a Charter Contract will be edited́ by Private Jets and Partners and submitted to the Client. The flight reservation will only take effect when the Charter Contract is returned dated and signed by the Client, accompanied by the payment of the Price or the necessary deposit specified by Private Jets and Partners on the charter estimate or on the charter contract (hereafter “the Reservation”).

Thus, as long as the payment of the Price or the necessary deposit has not been paid, the aircraft will not be reserved́ and the charter quote may be subject to modification.

The signature of the Charter Contract is essential before the realization of any service.

Any Reservation implies the irrevocable and unreserved acceptance by the Customer of the General Conditions in force.

All Reservations are firm and final. It may nevertheless be suspended, modified or cancelled by the Client with the express, prior and written agreement of Private Jets and Partners, which will apply all or part of the penalties provided for in the cancellation conditions. 

The Client expressly recognizes that the flight time is communicated as an indication and is likely to evolve for reasons including operational, meteorological or air traffic control without the responsibilitý of Private Jets and Partners being able to be sought on this account.

Private Jets and Partners may propose another aircraft than the one initially provided for in the Contract of Carriage, provided that the characteristics of the Service are not significantly modified, or, in the event of an incident or unavailabilitý,


Prices are in Euros excluding taxes and are specified in the charter quotation. The price Is specific to the aircraft offered and is presented subject to the availability of the aircraft at the time of booking, the agreement of its owner and the weather conditions on the day of the flight.

Is presented subject to obtaining traffic rights, airport authorizations, slots and parking.

Unless otherwise specifically provided for in special conditions, the fares include the following (hereinafter “the Fares”):

All aircraft costs (landing and overflight taxes),

– All crew costs,

– The services of the assistance agents in each airport,

– Snack and minibar service on board.

– Does not include:


Ground transportation services (cab or limousine),

Hangar and aircraft de-icing fees,

The costs related to the use of Satcom telephone and internet,

Possible insurance surcharges for certain countries,

Additional APU usage fees due to passenger delays.

Any additional costs arising from a change of itinerary and/or delay for the reasons listed below (excluding the cost of repairing the aircraft, but including the cost of providing a replacement aircraft) will be charged to the customer:

– Due to the compliance of the flight with the requirements of the authorities,

– At the request of the customer or passengers,

– In case of technical unavailability of the aircraft beyond the reasonable control of Private Jets and Partners,

– For the safety of passengers, crew and/or aircraft

In the event that the Client refuses this increase within 24 hours of the information given by Private Jets and Partners on this price increase, the Client will have the possibilitý to cancel the Service, without penalties.


As of the acceptance of this quotation, the signature of the latter and in case of cancellation of the flight by you, cancellation fees will be applied according to the scale indicated below:

– 25% of the total amount if the flight is cancelled more than 10 days before departure.

– 30% of the total amount if the flight is cancelled between 9 and 7 days before departure.

– 50% of the total amount if the flight is cancelled between 6 and 3 days before departure.

– 80% of the total amount if the flight is cancelled between 48 and 24 hours before departure.

– 100% of the total amount if the flight is cancelled less than 24 hours before departure.

Any special product, in particular special catering, requested by the Customer at the time of booking and which, on the day of cancellation, has already been the subject of an irreversible order or payment by Private jets and Partners to its service provider will remain due by the Customer.


Payment must be credited to the account of Private Jets and Partners at the latest 48 hours before the departure of the flight.

This payment can be made by bank transfer or by credit card (subject to acceptance of additional charges).

You will find the credit card payment authorization form attached to this quote, to be completed and signed and returned to us.

We kindly ask you to make your payments to one of the following bank accounts


BENEFICIARY: Private Jets and Partners, 3 Lascoux, 23800 Maison-Feyne, France

IBAN: FR76 3000 4017 6000 0100 9821 545


ACCOUNT NUMBER: 00010098215

BANK CODE: 30004


KEY: 45

Private jets and Partners’ invoices are payable as soon as they are issued and, in any case, before the realization of the Service. All payments must be made by credit card or bank transfer on the date indicated on the invoice. An invoice will only be considered to have been paid once the full price (including VAT) of the Service has been credited to a Private jets and Partners deposit account. Any payment and bank charges are to be borne by the Client. Private jets and Partners does not grant any discount for early payment. Any postponement of the due date must be the subject of a prior, express and written agreement on the part of Private jets and Partners. No payment may be suspended without the express, prior and written agreement of Private jets and Partners. Failure to pay a single invoice or sum due on the due date will result in the payment of all other invoices or sums due by the Client, regardless of the amount thereof. Failure to remit, cash or immediately accept a cheque, transfer or commercial paper from the Client constitutes a failure to pay when due.

Any failure to pay when due authorizes Private jets and Partners to suspend or terminate all current Reservations and to modify the commercial conditions granted. Any failure to pay on the due date will result in the cancellation of the Service by the Client and the application by Private jets and Partners of the penalties provided for in the cancellation conditions. Any failure to pay by the due date will result in the application of late payment interest equal to the ECB rate applied to its most recent refinancing operation, increased by 10 points, in application of article L 441-6 of the French Commercial Code, and this as of the day following the due date shown on the invoice.


For safety reasons, the weight and size of baggage is limited and may vary depending on the type of aircraft. Passengers are responsible for the contents of their baggage and the goods carried. Passengers assure the company that they are not carrying dangerous products or illegal substances. Passengers must imperatively inform Private Jets and Partners of the transport of sport or leisure weapons and ammunition.


Private jets and Partners reserves the right to suspend or cancel the Service ordered without any compensation in the event of force majeure preventing Private jets and Partners, even partially, from fulfilling its obligations. In addition to the events presenting the conditions of force majeure determined by the jurisprudence in force, any lock-out, total or partial strike or other labor disputes affecting in particular the stopover or air traffic control, fire, flood, damage, riot, war, computer breakdown, change of standards or regulations, refusal of transit resulting from the decisions of any public authority, notably French or international, any mechanical breakdown or damage or extraordinary circumstances within the meaning of European regulation n° 261 / 2004 of 11 February 2004, directly or indirectly affecting Private jets and Partners, and more generally any event not attributable to Private jets and Partners and whatever the cause, constitutes a case of force majeure.


Documents of any kind communicated by Private jets and Partners shall always remain its property and must be handed over to it on simple request. They may not be communicated or used without the express, prior and written authorization of Private jets and Partners.

DISPUTES Claims as well as any dispute relating to the interpretation or execution of the General Conditions, or the execution of the Service will be governed by French law and will be under the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the registered office of the companý Private jets and Partners